We help Catholic men live their faith at home, parish, work, and community.

We call ourselves an Order, but we are not a Religious Order, rather we are an organization made up of men who are anchored in our Catholic faith and formed in the principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

We are not an insurance company, but our insurance program is the means by which we protect our families and assure that they will have the financial stability to remain together in the case of untimely tragedy.

We are not a religious group, but our activities are rooted in Catholic teaching and encourage us to practice, understand and deepen our faith.

We are not a family organization, but we extoll and promote the virtues of family life and its place as the foundational unit of the Domestic Church.

We are not a parish group, but through active participation in our parishes we support the programs, projects and activities that help to strengthen them.

We are not a service club, but we serve our local and broader communities through our volunteer and fundraising efforts.

We are not a youth group, but we provide programming and activities for our youth that encourage service, physical activity, civic involvement, intellectual development and spiritual growth.

We are not a social club, but we offer many activities solely for the benefit of our members and also our members’ families.

We are none of these things … and yet … we are all of these things.


Our Lord gave the great commission to the apostles, as outlined in Matthew 28: 16-20 to make disciples of and baptize all nations in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Although most of us are not clergy, we laity also share in that mission, by loving God and our neighbour.

Life is busy—we get it. But life is more than the acquisition of goods and living for the moment. If you can spare a bit of time helping others, both materially and by bringing them to Our Lord, you will find that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

We invite you to consider joining a group of Catholic brothers whose values include fraternity, charity, and unity. We believe that you will not be disappoint



Knights come from every stage of life, in countless corners of the world. Join us as we celebrate real role models in a world that needs men who lead, serve, protect and defend.