Caravel November 2018

Caravel November 2018

Annual Memorial Mass

Please join our Chaplain, Fr. Jeremias on Tuesday, November 13th for our Annual Memorial Mass which is offered for our Council’s deceased members and their spouses on Tuesday November 13th at 7:30pm in Columbus Hall.

Especially for:

Bro. Archie De Gaust – February 4, 2018
Bro. Douglas Hamilton – March 10, 2018
Bro. Matthew McCann – June 2, 2018
Bro. Bernard Nadeau- Oct 26, 2018

Mary Gervais – December 11, 2017, wife of deceased Bro. Joseph Gervais
Eileen Campeau – April 22, 2017, wife of deceased Bro. Larry Campeau
Renate Couturier – April 2, 2018, wife of Bro. Ray Couturier
Blanche Beaudoin – April 22, 2018, wife of deceased Bro. Mark Beaudoin, PGK
Lina Hunter-Kelly – July 2, 2018, wife of deceased Bro. James Kelly
Gladys Young – September 23, 2018, wife of Bro. Neil Young

Mass will be followed by a presentation to our new Honorary & Honorary Life Members:

Honorary Members:

Bro. Harry McConnell, FDD
Bro. Alistair MacLeod
Bro. Anthony Coish

Honorary Life Members:

Bro. Melville Fullerton, PGK
Bro. Roland Gervais
Bro. Allan Weishar
Bro. Arthur Van Laarhoven

Reception to follow.

Brother Knights & November Brides

  • Thom &Betty Hargreaves Nov. 2nd 16 yrs
  • Paul &Rosemary Zammit Nov. 24th 29 yrs
  • Dan &Roxanne Kerr Nov. 5th 30 yrs
  • Daniel &Brenda O’Neil Nov. 25th 40 yrs
  • Morris &Kendra Gervais Nov. 19th 19 yrs
  • William &Rita Kelman Nov. 26th 41 yrs
  • Harry &Anita McConnell Nov. 22nd 49 yrs
  • Wagner &Cyndi Smith Nov. 26th 35 yrs
  • Raymond &Georgina Rowett Nov. 22nd 66 yrs

November Birthdays

  • Bro. Claude Lalonde Nov. 6th Bro.
  • Kevin Buchanan Nov. 14th
  • Bro. Domenic Conte Nov. 8th
  • Bro. Neil McKenna Nov. 14th
  • Bro. Phil Pelletier Nov. 9th
  • Bro. Mark Moreau Nov. 14th
  • Bro. Nick Van Casteren Nov. 9th
  • Bro. A.J. Duguay Nov. 17th
  • Bro. Fred Marentette Nov. 10th
  • Bro. Barry Deschamps Nov. 18th
  • Bro. Merle Bodenham Nov. 23rd
  • Bro. Morgan Russell Nov. 11th
  • Bro. John Hawkins Nov. 25th
  • Bro. Matt Sposito Nov. 11th
  • Bro. Richard Lalonde Nov. 26th
  • Bro. Kevin Crossley Nov. 12th
  • Bro. Jerry Van Casteren Nov. 28th
  • Bro. Raymond Rowett Nov. 12th

Executive Council Officers

Office Email

  • Grand Knight Bro. Dan Dooley
  • Chaplain Rev. Jeremias Inoc
  • Deputy Grand Knight Bro. Dean Beaudry
  • Chancellor Bro. Robert Tinkess
  • Recorder Bro. Kevin Crossley
  • Financial Secretary Bro. George Watson
  • Treasurer Bro. Allan Johnson
  • Lecturer
  • Advocate Bro. Jim Morrison
  • Warden Bro. Bill Dzula
  • Guard
  • Guard Bro. Shawn Mundie
  • Guard Bro. Nathan Vaillancourt
  • One Year Trustee Bro. Guy Hachey
  • Two Year Trustee Bro. Harry McConnell
  • Three Year Trustee Bro. Peter McBryan
  • Past Grand Knight Bro. Paul Gamble

Service Program Personnel

Director Email

  • Service Program Director Bro. Dean Beaudry
  • Faith Activities Bro. Ted Land
  • FamilyActivities
  • CommunityActivities
  • Life Activities Bro. Geoffrey Bond

Membership Program Personnel

Director/Chairman Email

  • Membership Director Bro. Robert Tinkess
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • KofC Insurance Bro. Alexander Sgroi
  • Ceremonials

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