Caravel November 2018

Caravel November 2018

A Word About Membership from Our Chancellor

October was, I believe, a very good month for our Council in terms of recruitment. We now have 5 new 1st degree Brother Knights who are members of our most noble fraternity representing our Council, plus 3 more representing St. John Vianney. I know we will add even more names to Council 1626 as the months progress. I can assure you it was hard work getting to that point, but entirely well worth the effort. I welcome all these Catholic gentlemen to the Knights of Columbus.

It would, however, be foolish of me to say that our work for the year ends here. Yes, these new brothers will be encouraged to attend 2nd and 3rd degree ceremonies, but we must strive to get a constant flow of new recruits at every opportunity. If we can get 5 recruits to show up at the most recent admissions ceremony, then why not aim for six at the next? Is this going to be easy? Perhaps not, but we gain nothing without trying. I know that is terribly cliché, but it holds true. I will be approaching as many brother Knights as I possible can for ways that we can achieve that steady flow of recruits. Some of you I know are uncomfortable about recruiting, but it is obviously critical to the survival of the Knights. It is a shared responsibility we must all embrace. In this regard, we have some very helpful tools to assist with acquiring new members. They are always available to you.

Finally, I end on a “fun fact”. One night while ruminating about a whole range of recruitment concepts, I decided to look up some stuff on line. I had no idea that there are over 20 million results when you type in the word recruitment. Recruiting does indeed have a very interesting history. Check it out sometime, and especially the posters. You won’t be disappointed.

Bro. Bob Tinkess, Chancellor

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